26 02 2009

This is the single stupidest tattoo I’ve ever seen.2436680638_71e5e0b961And I think I’m in love with it.



19 02 2009

If you’re a Family Guy (pronounced Fammeh Gahh) fan, you’ll remember this gem.  Someone decided to do a live action version of this wtf-style video.


11 02 2009

So this is a video by J-Pop sensation…Greenl?  Yatta?  I’m not really sure of the name.  Regardless, this is their biggest hit, Yatta.  Pay close attention to the random English words thrown in there.  OHIOOOOOO!!!

Also, I don’t have an unlimited store of Internet videos so please feel free to submit your wtf style video to

Hinduism is awesome on video

10 02 2009

Hinduism is weird as shit!  Not to be offensive or anything but holy balls!

It’s only important that you watch 22:37-27:34 but feel free to check out the sweet 80’s ‘staches and haircuts.  And that is the Bhagavad-gita, one of the most important books in the Hindu religion, illustrated in a what the fuck style video.

New blog! Love it! (If you don’t, please don’t tell me that)

10 02 2009

So this is a new blog that I’m starting right now inspired by religion class.  Really, I hope to use this blog as a means of expression on a level deeper than words alone can explain.  Not really.  I have a lot of shit that I want to show you.  It should leave you laughing for a few seconds, and then bewilder you as you exclaim to your computer screen (and anyone else around), “Hahaha!  What the fuck was that?”