Hinduism is awesome on video

10 02 2009

Hinduism is weird as shit!  Not to be offensive or anything but holy balls!

It’s only important that you watch 22:37-27:34 but feel free to check out the sweet 80’s ‘staches and haircuts.  And that is the Bhagavad-gita, one of the most important books in the Hindu religion, illustrated in a what the fuck style video.




6 responses

10 02 2009
evan "big easy" reisberg

hahhahahah wtf! fuckin sweet

10 02 2009
evan "big easy" reisberg

wtf hahahah sweet

10 02 2009

Dan if you are able to find stuff like this, however awesome, on youtube, you really have too much free time on your hands

10 02 2009
Holy Shit, Dan Posner

Dude, my Religion professor showed this in class. She had the Bhagavad-Gita on DVD. I just youtubed it right away.

10 02 2009


Seriously. What the fuck style is the way to go.

That’s was crazy.

13 02 2009

… wtf?

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