Sexual Harassment is serious business…

27 03 2009

This is an old clip that I recently rediscovered.  This teaches the importance of understanding what sexual harassment is and how freakin’ hilarious it can be in the workplace.

I’ll never stop!


Foreign Music is also weird as shit!

18 03 2009

Everything about this is just so foreign!  The instruments, the dancing, the fashion, it just makes you say WTF!?!  I really want to learn that twitchy little dance.

Also, the guy with the glass?  Jesus balls!  What the hell is going on?


14 03 2009

Dog food commercials usually suck.  However, that has not always been the case.  Puchare decided that pet-nourishing products don’t have to be boring.  No, they can be creepy and weird as well.  Thanks 80s, for more weird as hell things on TV.

Hungry for Hungary? Not so much…

6 03 2009

Thanks to Nora for sending me this one.  It’s a Hungarian sausage commercial from the 60s.  Apparently in the 60s in Hungarian commercials didn’t have to make the product look good.  In any way.  At all.