Mormonism is nucking futs!

23 04 2009

So Mormons are from space… and they hope to become polygamous gods… Sounds like a pretty sweet religion!

Except for that whole observance thing…


Adventure time!

15 04 2009

Bizarrely enough, I remember seeing this on TV when I was a kid.  It didn’t strike me as a weird as hell show then.  Seeing this now, however, it’s one of the strangest kids shows I’ve ever seen.

I’m 28!

Ratboy is not impressed

7 04 2009

I seriously have no idea what this is.  All I know is rock and roll resonates with everyone.  Even Ratboy.

Too bad he’s not impressed.

Get the Groove of Things

2 04 2009

Break dancing was mad cool in the 80s.  Face dancing was not…  Captain Cool over here demonstrates to us exactly why it isn’t cool.