Europe’s answer to The VIllage People

23 07 2009

I’d buy this if it was actually made by these rockin’ dudes.   Anyone wanna 3 person hula hoop?


Chainsaws and Cheese!

18 07 2009

Sorry for the lack of update last week.  Here’s two videos to make up for it.  Commercials are always fun.

Pawn shops always have just what I’m looking to buy my girlfriend.  Now we can get matching guns and chainsaws!

Japanese commercials always make perfect sense.  They are also never overly stimulating.

I lied.  They’re weird as shit!  They also cater to my ADD!

Robocop’s got nothing on this.

2 07 2009

Yes this is the trailer for the feature film Robogeisha.  I think that’s all that really needs to be said.

Thanks again to Kirk for this awesome awesome video.