Holy shit it’s a meat puppet.

25 06 2009

Diesel must have a lot of extra money that they have no fucking clue what to do with.  I know that if I were a successful jeans designer, I’d spend all of my money making sing-songy videos that prevent children from sleeping too.


The Triumphant Return of the Blog: APES!

15 06 2009

So I’m back from however long I was gone.  I’d be lying if I said that I was too busy to update this blog.  But now I’m back and hopefully I will be able to update every week with more videos that confuse and disorient you.  This week, we have a wonderful video submitted to me by Kirk.  I have no idea about anything in this video except that apes make no sense.

Mormonism is nucking futs!

23 04 2009

So Mormons are from space… and they hope to become polygamous gods… Sounds like a pretty sweet religion!

Except for that whole observance thing…

Adventure time!

15 04 2009

Bizarrely enough, I remember seeing this on TV when I was a kid.  It didn’t strike me as a weird as hell show then.  Seeing this now, however, it’s one of the strangest kids shows I’ve ever seen.

I’m 28!

Ratboy is not impressed

7 04 2009

I seriously have no idea what this is.  All I know is rock and roll resonates with everyone.  Even Ratboy.

Too bad he’s not impressed.

Get the Groove of Things

2 04 2009

Break dancing was mad cool in the 80s.  Face dancing was not…  Captain Cool over here demonstrates to us exactly why it isn’t cool.

Sexual Harassment is serious business…

27 03 2009

This is an old clip that I recently rediscovered.  This teaches the importance of understanding what sexual harassment is and how freakin’ hilarious it can be in the workplace.

I’ll never stop!